United “All Hands” approach to customer service

Communication and accessibility is paramount. All of our staff is available, and proactive to the needs of builders and buyers. Proactively keeping our clients informed of their loan status every step of the way. Knowledgeable buyers are happy buyers.


We are a Broker and a Banker. Being a banker means ultimate control, fast escrows, and on time closings. Being a broker gives us access to many different loan products which means finding the right lending solutions for every buyer.


Throughout the sales cycle our team is involved. Whether we are in the sales office or attending weekly sales meetings the California Capital Mortgage Team stays connected to your company. Integration means everyone is on the same page when it comes to meeting sales goals.


There is no other company that offers the communication, customer service, product offerings, new home sales expertise, and forward thinking that we provide.

Leveraging Technology

We understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest advancements within the Real Estate Industry. We take pride in providing cutting edge solutions to our new home builder partners, leaving less room for errors, and more room for sales.

  • Cloud Based integrated monitoring systems with real time access to the status of all current buyers
  • All Loan Professionals are trained on the latest systems and information to expedite closings
  • Cloud based accessibility to all required lending documents and forms

On-Time Closings are key

Closing homes on time means the keys are in your customer’s hands, maximizing your customer’s experience. Trust earned by consistently following through with our commitments which allows the builder to focus on what they do best, BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM.

On-Site Sales Support

Sales success starts with being available to the customer. At California Capital we recognize the importance of this idea, and build on it. We believe that the job of a preferred lending partner is to be hands on, actively staffing, and support your subdivisions with loan officers who have experience in new home lending. Having a highly trained lending partner available to your customers is how we help make you successful. Integrating with the sales team and acting as an additional sales person means that your buyers not only have the product demonstrated properly, but they get the difficult financial questions answered on the spot. Buyers never have to search elsewhere for answers…

On-Site Lenders are a Major Advantage

One of the biggest hurdles within the new home buying process is finding the correct financing options for your buyers. When interested customers enter your sales office not having immediate answers to their mortgage questions could leave customers looking for answers elsewhere. Losing control at any point in the sales cycle could result in a missed sale. The solution to this problem is being able to effectively answer any mortgage questions that may arise on the spot. Our onsite Loan Officers eliminate the need to pass an interested buyer onto someone else who is outside of your sales influence.

To Sum it Up... Buyers need answers

From what homesites are available to the best mortgage product to fit their needs, buyers want information. Buyers are conditioned to receive immediate answers, and when their expectations are not met they find them elsewhere. Our services fill that niche, effectively closing the gap that exists due to the lack or reliable lending information typically found at most new home sales offices.

Want to Know more

Contact our Executive Team or Loan Officers. Questions are welcomed, amazing communication is our foundation, and our customer service sets us apart.

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