Make no mistake, there's a lot to do when you get a mortgage loan. You wouldn't be here on our site if it were possible to fill out a one-page application and get an excellent loan funded the same day. We do most of the heavy lifting for you, so you can concentrate on what's important — preparing to … [Read More...]

What is a Credit Score?

Before deciding on what terms lenders will offer you on a loan (which they base on the "risk" to them), they want to know two things about you: your ability to pay back the loan, and your willingness to pay back the loan. For the first, they look at your income-to-debt obligation ratio... [Read More...]

When to Refinance

Ever hear the pearl of wisdom that states you should only refinance if your new interest rate will be at least two points under your present rate? That may have been valid a while back, but with refinancing dropping in cost recently, it's never the wrong time to consider a new loan! A refinance can …            [Read More...]

Buyer’s Don’ts

Things to avoid before buying a home Many new homebuyers make the mistake of rushing out to buy things to fill their home with as soon as the seller accepts their purchase offer and the lender pre-approves their loan. But there are still a few major hurdles to overcome before the keys are handed …    [Read More...]

Documenting Assets

A critical step in the mortgage loan application process is to verify the sources for your down payment, closing costs and assets, as well as documenting income and debts. The underwriter uses this step to determine your qualifications as a borrower. Down Payment & Closing Costs Documenting … [Read More...]

Fixed Vs. Adjustable Rate Loans

With a fixed-rate loan, your monthly payment never changes for the life of the mortgage. The portion of the payment allocated for your principal (the actual loan amount) goes up, but the amount you pay in interest will go down in the same amount. The property taxes and homeowners insurance will …            [Read More...]

Get Your Loan Faster

Five ways to make the loan process go faster We should say that "working with us" is the first way! When you let us help you find the loan that's right for you, you truly are taking advantage of some of the area's best technology and expertise to get you a loan decision and funding on your loan … [Read More...]



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Are you Pre-Approved 

Before you begin to shop for a new home, you should set up a time to meet with a loan officer so we can figure out how much you can afford. This will put you in a better position as a buyer. That’s when it is important to understand the distinction between being pre-qualified for a loan and … [Read More...]

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